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Youth Exchange! – Checkmate: les échecs contre l’échec

A Nó Górdio, juntamente com a Famille Rurales Le Moule, (Guadalupe/França) a CEIPES (Palermo/Itália) e a Associación Juvenil Intercambia (Málaga/Espanha), prepara-se para a mobilidade com 1 team leader e 6 jovens…

Daremos as boas vindas a 2019, juntos numa ilha das Caraíbas!


“You(th) and Business”

“You(th) and Business” was a project granted by Erasmus+ Programme that foreseen the realization of two main activities: a Training Course which took place in Rzeszow, Poland and a Study Visit which was organized in Seinajoki, Finland. The project was successful, reflecting the good cooperation between the two coordinating organizations: Seinäjoki Youth Department from Seinäjoki and International Projects Association “INPRO” from Rzeszow, supported by another seven international partners.

Main goal of the project was to offer 27 youth workers the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and expand specific knowledge, while developing their network, practice English and increase their job satisfaction. A special focus was given to the context of entrepreneurship environment of young people from remote areas and how this condition can be overpass by using smart creativity, technology and community resources.


Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Award

O Erasmus + Virtual Exchange é um projecto inovador que permite aos jovens da Europa e do sul do Mediterrâneo participarem em experiências interculturais significativas online, como parte da sua educação formal ou não formal. Um dos conjuntos de crachás para o Intercâmbio Virtual Erasmus + concedidos para uma participação bem sucedida na formação básica para o desenvolvimento de Projectos de Intercâmbio Virtual Transnacional Erasmus (TEP

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is a ground-breaking project enabling youth in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences online, as part of their formal or non-formal education. One of a suite of badges for Erasmus + Virtual Exchange awarded for successful participation in basic training to develop Transnational Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Projects (TEP)


Youth Exchange SOESOS (Save Our Environment, Save Our Souls)

Uma Dupla Youth Exchange denominada SOESOS (Save Our Environment, Save Our Souls).
Primeiro encontro no Chipre (agost/2018) e segundo na Grécia (agost/2019).
Vamos juventude!
“Dear partners I would like to inform you that our double youth exchange approved in round 3 2017. Reference number of SOESOS 2017-3-CY02-KA105-001119”