Out of the Box

  • Novembro 14, 2021

The Nó Górdio took part in the Training Course “OUT OF THE BOX”, organized by ACPelia, in in Pissouri-Cyprus, from 03 to 11/07/2021. There were  27 participants  from Portugal,  Cyprus, Italy, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, France and Estonia. “OUT OF THE BOX”  aimed to develop youth workers/leaders competences in the field of implementing their ideas, […]

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Re-cycle, re-use & re-spect!

  • Novembro 13, 2021

Youth Exchange “Re-cycle, re-use & re-spect!” helded in Acquappesa (CS), a lovely city on the sea in the Southern part of Italy, between 18th and 27th of September 2021. “Re-use, re-cycle, re-spect!” is a youth exchange with the goal to raise awaress of youngsters on the prolems connected with overproduction and pollution. The project has the objective […]

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We are one of the ten partners in the Youth Exchange “CLIMATE CHANGES AS FAST AS FASHION II” and we are among the 80 participants that are taking part in this MOBILITY. There are participants from Cyprus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Spain and Croatia. Our team is on its way too!!!

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A nossa associação Nó Gordio é responsável por criar um manual acerca de como levar a cabo sessões OPEN CAFÉ. http://www.goinpro.org/en/borderless-dialogue/

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iCitizen 2.0

  • Janeiro 22, 2021

Grant Agreement No. 2019-2-HU01-KA105-061401 Action Type KA105 – Youth mobility Start of Project 01/08/2019 / End of Project 30/06/2021  / Project Duration (months) 23 Coordenador: Hungary (Pécsvárad) Parceiros: Croácia / República Checa/ Estónia / Itália / Lituânia e Portugal Idade: 16-25 APV:  5 – 8 março 2020 (1 leader + 1 participant) Exchange: 18 – […]

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You(th) and Business 3.0

  • Janeiro 21, 2021

Grant Agreement No. 2019-3-FI01-KA105-065945Action Type KA105 – Youth mobilityStart of Project 03/02/2020 / End of Project 02/10/2021 /Project Duration (months) 20 Coordenador: Finland  (Seinäjoki)Parceir0s: Bulgária / República Checa / Itália / Polónia / Portugal / Roménia Brevemente mais informações..

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  • Janeiro 19, 2021

Grant Agreement No. 2019-3-HR01-KA105-077049Action Type KA105 – Youth mobilityStartof Project 01/03/2020 / Endof Project 31/12/2020 / Project Duration(months) 10 Coordenador: Croatia  (Osijek)Parceiros: Bélgica / Hungria / Itália / Latvia / Letónia / Lituânia / Portugal / Espanha APV (Advance Planning Visit) + Main MeetingO projeto será implementado em Osijek, Croatia APV dates – 12.6-13.6.2020 (1 leader + 1 […]

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Grant Agreement No. 2019-3-PL01-KA105-077763Action Type KA105 – Youth mobilityStart of Project 01/04/2020  / End of Project 30/11/2020 / Project Duration (months) 8 Coordenador: Polónia (Rzeszów)Parceiros: República Checa/Hungria/Portugal/Eslováquia Data provável: APV 20 – 21 maio 2020 Mobilidade (Youth Exchanges) 19-29 de setembro 2020  Mais informações brevemente…

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  • Janeiro 17, 2021

Grant Agreement No. 2020-1-HU01-KA105-078387 Action Type KA105 – Youth mobilityStart of Project 01/05/2020 / End of Project 31/01/2021 / Project Duration (months) 9 Coordenador: Hungria  (Fiatalok a részvételért Egyesület / Pécsvárad)Parceiros: Hungria/Croatia/República Checa/ Estónia/ Itália/ Latvia(Letónia)/ Lituânia/ Portugal/ Eslovénia Formação (1st training date):  2021.07.18 – 2021.07.25.  [The main aim of this training course is that participants are […]

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Melting Games in Pécsvárad

  • Janeiro 16, 2021

Grant Agreement No. 2020-1-HU01-KA105-078390Action Type KA105 – Youth mobilityStart of Project 01/06/2020 / End of Project 31/12/2020 / Project Duration (months) 7 Coordenador: Hungria  (Fiatalok a részvételért Egyesület / Pécsvárad)Parceiros: Hungria/ Croatia/ República Checa/ Estónia/ Itália/ Latvia(Letónia)/ Lituânia/ Portugal/ Eslovénia [The main aim of this youth exchange is for partners and participants to share their practices […]

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