“Embrace Your Voice” – Dissemination

To disseminate the “Embrace Your Voice” project, we decided to talk, at our respective schools, about our experience in Erasmus+, explaining some of the activities carried out throughout the week and giving our testimony on how they helped us value our voices, as well as teaching us how we can use them to express ourselves.
Firstly, we talked about the application and preparation process for the project, so, essentially, all the chores we completed before we flew to Cyprus. Then, we quickly explained our routine and schedule during the week while we showed them some photos and videos we had taken. In a more practical and engaging part of the presentation, we decided to reproduce some of the exercises we executed in October. For example, we asked our colleagues to tell us people whose voices inspired them. One of the answers we got was Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish girl who advocates for the environment and planet Earth.
To conclude the presentation, we mentioned the Youthpass and the competencies/skills we developed thanks to the “Embrace Your Voice” project. In sum, our colleagues were able to benefit from some of the knowledge that the project facilitators passed on to us, albeit second-hand, and clarified some doubts about participating in Erasmus+ projects.
How has this project influenced us?



I feel grateful to have been able to participate in this incredible project, go to a beautiful country and meet great people. I also appreciate all the memories I made and will take with me forever. The project (“Embrace your voice”) inspired me to value my voice and self-expression and taught me how I can use my voice and body language to make myself understood and listened to. I believe it helped me improve myself on many levels and that it was an important step to becoming the best version of myself.

I’ve learned a lot in this week. I left the project with a more active voice and more fearless to speak in public. I think that each activity helped grow in a way I didn’t think it was possible. I have made friends from different countries and I was able to share my lifestyle with them and hear about theirs. Overall I had an amazing week, with so many great activities and amazing people.
During this project I developed my ability to speak to the audience in the presentations, even more so in another language that I sometimes felt some difficulties, I loved meeting new ones not only from my country but other countries and finally I loved the idea of the social games and the presentations of each country to deepen our culture.
In the course of this week, I was able to improve my speech qualities and lost most of my fear to speak in public. I meet some amazing people, that I will for sure remember until the rest of my life. I had to incredible mentors in this project that helped feel like I was enough and appreciated. I hope I can have more experiences like this because this are the experiences that make me feel like I do have some power in my voice.
You may watch two videos we made during the dissemination activity
The first shows us in the session with a class from our school
In the second, one of the participants explains one of the activities carried out during our YOUTH MOBILITY – The spoilt knot

(In the class)


(what is the spoilt knock activity)