ENGAGE, CONNECT, EMPOWER – training for youthworkers

This training took place in Klaffer, Austria and aimed to develop young people’s competences in youth participation in democratic life and the values of the European Union.

Dates: 06 to 14 October 2023 (travel days included).

Portuguese participants: Iara, Maria and Rafaela.


Sunday, October 8th

On Sunday, we had a very productive day as we explored three different types of learning: formal, non-formal, and informal.

During the afternoon, we worked on a project about human rights, where we were divided into groups representing different countries.

In the evening, we had the cultural night of the Italians and the Spanish, where each country had to showcase something typical and bring traditional sweets. It was incredible because we got to try things we had never eaten before.

Afterwards, we gathered around the bonfire and got to know the people participating in the exchange better. It was a unique opportunity to practice English and learn about different cultures.

During the afternoon, we participated in team-building activities, where we had to work together to solve problems and achieve goals. It was a challenging but rewarding experience as we learned the importance of collaboration and effective communication.

In the evening, we had a presentation of traditional dances from different countries. It was amazing to see the cultural diversity and how dance can be such a powerful form.

Monday, October 9th

On Monday, we had some very different activities. We started the day with interactive games involving everyone. Then, we engaged in activities related to politics in each country and discussed ways to improve our nations. We found it very amusing because there were many creative individuals involved.

During the afternoon, we were divided into various groups and had to create a fictional country, including a language, a flag, an anthem, and a dance. It was one of the most enjoyable activities we have ever participated in.

In the evening, we played drinking games and got to know each other better.

Tuesday, October 10th

The day started with activities outside, we carried out several exercises divided into two teams. The exercises aimed to keep each team together and always work together, it would be impossible to carry out the exercises if we didn’t help each other and carry out everything together.

Then we went to the activity room where we formed groups to begin the new task which consisted of creating a true or false news story depending on what the teacher said, and when we finished the story, we would have to present it as a play, it was a different and exciting activity to carry out.

After lunch we did something very interesting, we went canoeing on the lake in front of our house, it was different and a lot of fun, a great experience!

Around 4 pm we all got together to carry out the new activities which consisted of making three groups, where each group had a part of a map that was divided into three, where every ten minutes a member of the group met with a member of the remaining groups to find out more information about the missing parts of the map, and always like this until a final result is reached.

Afterwards, we went to dinner and then cooked food for the intercultural evening between Portugal and the Czech Republic. It was great to see people trying our dessert and loving it, the same happened with the typical Portuguese dances we showed and a lot of people tried to dance with us. It’s fantastic to see people interested in our culture and wanting to learn more and more about it.

Wednesday, October 11th

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to explore the city of Linz during our free day. Our itinerary encompassed a blend of cultural, artistic, and natural experiences. We began our day with a visit to a beautiful church, where we were able to appreciate the city’s architectural heritage and soak in its historical significance.

Strolling along the main streets of Linz, we immersed ourselves in the local atmosphere, exploring shops, cafes and restaurants. It was an excellent way to get a taste of the local culture and observe daily life.

Our next stop took us to the botanical garden. Here, we saw the diverse collection of plants and flowers, taking in the beauty of nature within the city’s boundaries.
Continuing our cultural journey, we ventured to the art museum. The museum’s exhibits showcased a diverse array of artistic styles and movements, giving us a deeper understanding of the region’s cultural heritage.

The day concluded with a visit to a panoramic viewpoint, providing us with breathtaking views of Linz and its surroundings.

From this vantage point, we could truly appreciate the city’s landscape, architecture, and the natural beauty that graces the region.

Thursday, October 12th

On Thursday, we started the day by being divided into four groups. Each group had to create a workshop that addressed the following topics: health education, economic empowerment, social inclusion, security governance, active citizenship, and environment. The objective was for the other groups to participate in and learn from the workshops created by the different groups.

In the afternoon, we began with a canoe ride on the lake. Later in the afternoon, we had the opportunity to experience two different workshops created by two groups in the morning. One of the workshops was a treasure hunt, where tasks such as translating phrases or asking questions about youth participation in democratic life were given to each other. The other workshop had four stations with activities like charades, drawing, and writing phrases.

These activities provided us with an enriching experience, allowing us to explore different topics and develop skills such as teamwork, creativity, and communication. Furthermore, the diversity of approaches in the workshops offered a broad perspective on the subjects discussed, stimulating reflection and debate among the participants.

In summary, the day was marked by a series of activities that promoted learning and interaction among the groups. Through the workshops, we were able to share knowledge and experiences, strengthening our understanding of the proposed topics. This dynamic contributed to the personal and professional growth of everyone involved, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and the exchange of ideas for the development of creative and effective solutions.