In order to promote what we learned in FTRC and encourage more people to follow the fair trade movement, we were planning on arranging 2 meetings at our organisation centre. However, our organization is going through some renewals so we tried to contact some other spaces that fit the event. Sadly, such a place was not available to us, and so we went on to the best next thing we could think of, online meetings.

We planned 2 meetings, the first around 10 pm on the Friday (5th of January) and 9 pm the next day. These dates were chosen in order to be inserted in the school breaks and the times so that the maximum number of people could be available, despite of working. Then we prepared a presentation, about Fair trade in Portugal and FTRC.

At the end of each of the presentations we got to answer and deep dive into diverse questions such as “What have you changed in your buying consumptions since this project?”, “How do you know which seals to trust?” and  “How can the average Portuguese person adapt their budgets to such products?”. These questions showed us both how much we changed after the project (noticing most of us now searched the supermarket for the said seals) and how much people are willing to change in order to help each other and have a better planet.


We took this opportunity to review a video recalling some of the good times we had at the Youth Exchange: