Green in action for eco reaction! (2)

Este é o Diário do Gonçalo

Day 26

It was good, had to wake up at 5:30 to prepare myself for the flight, and at 6:30 more a less, I met the rest of the team

The flight was secure, with no worries about anything.

Then we took the train and bus to the hotel where we checked in and went to have lunch at MacDonald’s

Day 27

First day of the project, met new people where the first ones were the Turkish team, Ece and Omar, and Marko from Serbia

It was a simple day, meeting everyone.

Day 28

Portugal team day, we did a city hunt that could be better but being the final of the year the people wanted to visit the city instead of doing the city game

Then we had the debate where things got better

Day 29

We talked about our organization and met the other ones

We also talked about the national disasters that happen in each of our countries.

Day 30

We started with a funny energizer from the Serbia team.

Then we had a kind of drama activity where we did a little bit of acting about a topic.

We had to do the same thing but the other teams were protesting against us and it was fun.

Finally, it was showing the logo of each team where team 5 won

Day 31

We had to make videos for the social campaign of our project and for Erasmus and all-day activities were about that.

Then we took everyone of the project to Duomo to celebrate the new year

Day 1

Was a free day but I couldn’t visit Italy because I got sick so I had to stay in bed unfortunately.

Day 2

It was the last of the project where we did a global dissemination about the project with critics and pros about the project and what we got from this experience.

Day 3

Time to go home, so we packed our things, did our last interview about our experience, and went to do the checkout

Then we catch the bus and train to the airport where we gonna wait till 15:45 to plane start the trip