“Hold On” – Borboleta da Liberdade

Vídeo oficial da canção “Hold On” pelo grupo Borboleta da Liberdade, criada durante o projeto Erasmus+ “Youth in Tune”. Este projeto reuniu 50 jovens talentosos de dez países europeus em Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, de 31 de março a 8 de abril, e em Rzeszow, na Polónia, entre 14 e 22 de junho de 2023, onde tiveram a oportunidade de explorar o mundo da música.

Durante esse período, surgiram composições verdadeiramente inspiradoras, em que cada música transmite a criatividade e a paixão dos participantes. A música que venceu foi a “Hold On” do grupo Borboleta da Liberdade.


Borboleta da Liberdade – Hold on

The voice inside of me just represents me
Its the society that gifted that to me as a kid
I heard that I could be something more than just a ghost
Like me, like a butterfly with a purpose
I feel helpless, relentless away from me
I wanna feel like the sun on my skin
But the world told me not to breath
That the feelings were something just for the weak
If you´re feeling down
And your mental health is low
You gotta open up
Your heart, body and soul.
You have to raise your head
You gotta straighten shoulders
You gotta be a butterfly
That goes towards the ocean


Hold on
Life has not forgotten you
Oh hold on
Get you head up to the sky aiai
Leave the sorrow be released by you
Let the light in and please don’t hear them


I’m living proof that dreams come true
when you work hard and stay true
to yourself and those around you
Anything is possible, it’s all up to you
Borboleta, symbol of transormation
Erasmus+ gave me a new destination

Mental health struggles, I leave behind
Barboleta, a new chapter, new state of


Going to the Lidl to buy some beers
A guy offered me some kind of weed
I was the dragging crap across the street
When a car almost ran over me

Wait what??? This is a song about mental health bro!

Isn´t it beautiful
The butterfly’s dream
Break your cocoon
And spread your wings


Chorus (X2)