Youth Exchange! – Identity Picture

Durante 10 dias, 25 jovens da Bulgária, Polónia, Grécia, Portugal e França trabalharão em conjunto para promover a identidade europeia na Europa.

During 10 days, 25 youth from Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, portugal and France will work together to promote the european identity in Europe.
Throughout the youth exchange “Identity picture”, we want to focus on developing your photography skills, reflect on the idea of “European identity”, improve your ability in foreign languages, broaden your horizons and break stereotypes about
each other’s countries. You will also get more familiar with non formal education approach. The project will have an influence on your attitude and perceptions; you will also get more familiar with Erasmus+ opportunities. You will have the chance to express yourself, you will confront your opinions and learn to listen to other. From the beginning, you will set up common rules with the other participants for the best interests of the project. During the youth exchange we will create a photo campaign to bring awareness about “ identities” within Europe. After the project ends, you will have more knowledge about photography, European identity and intercultural work.