Re-cycle, re-use & re-spect!

Youth Exchange “Re-cycle, re-use & re-spect!” helded in Acquappesa (CS), a lovely city on the sea in the Southern part of Italy, between 18th and 27th of September 2021.

“Re-use, re-cycle, re-spect!” is a youth exchange with the goal to raise awaress of youngsters on the prolems connected with overproduction and pollution. The project has the objective to teach the participants to re-use old clothes and objects giving them to a new life, contributing to decrease the buying of new clothes and the creation of rubbish.

“Re-use, re-cycle, re-spect!” aims also to set up daily recycling habits for the participants in order buy less. Another important part of the project is the idea of breaking stereotypes around people who buy second-hand clothes, in order to favourite the inclusion of those people with the others.

We share the testimonies of the participants who represented Nó Górdio


[Susana ]